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Advance Mass Sender 4.3

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  • AMS 4.3
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Advanced Mass Sender (AMS) is a tool that will help you to send emails at a faster rate. It uses the latest email marketing technologies, and it's easy to use.

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Advanced mass sender (AMS) is an email software that helps you to send emails to a large number of recipients at once. It can be used for sending newsletters, e-newsletters, surveys and other forms of marketing communication. The AMS is easy to use, and it does not require any technical skills or special knowledge. It does not require any special software or installation process. The AMS is an email tool that helps you to send emails to a large number of recipients at once. It can be used for sending newsletters, e-newsletters, surveys


Advance Mass Sender Sends Bulk Email Text & HTML
Text Editor, Built-in HTML Editor, and interface with external HTML editor
Send attachments and embedded images (local images in HTML)
Personalize notifications through text variables (e.g., from Excel table columns)
Multi-parallel (multi-threaded) SMTP harnesses the best bandwidth for large mailing jobs
BCC option to reduce network traffic
Automatic Unicode letter transfer / character transfer kit
Broad Unicode text editor (supports multilingual / 16-bit character sets in plain text messages)
Write professional log files (email addresses are successful and rejected).
Enter a list of personalized addresses and columns from a local text file, from a table (e.g., Excel, CSV), from an ODBC (SQL-SELECT) connected database, and from a Windows Clipboard
There is no limit to the size or length of the list outside of memory.
Email address list manager:: Manage a set of lists. Combine and calculate the list by clicking
Calculate email address list formulas: Join and split, remove duplication, crop email lists, operator syntax, and more...
Outlook address book can be entered
Enter newsletter registration notifications: Scan email addresses from custom-formatted notification emails in outlook folders (like newsletter subscription notifications) or scan from text/html files. Support flexible formal form templates
Advanced SMTP sign-in support
SSL / TLS SMTP transmission is secure
The process of partial transmission can be continued consistently. The log files themselves are valid e-mail list files and can be processed in the list manager
Periodic SMTP reconnected: Advance Mass Sender can establish a new SMTP connection every time a configurable number of messages is transmitted
Automatic dial-up/hang-up option modem (save connection fee)
Batch option: Advance Mass Sender can be controlled through the command line.


Advance Mass Sender uses the window's multi-thread technology so that whenever a new email message is created, one of the available strings (the user can specify the number of pending strings) will pick up the message and send it.

Multiple SMTP servers

When you send messages, they usually go through the SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which is maintained by your Internet Provider. If you're like most regular users, your Internet Provider only gives you one SMTP server. This is more than enough for most uses, but in case you need to quickly send a large amount of email, such as when you need to send financial information newsletters to your users, you may want to consider sending it over more than one Server. This way, you'll offload on each individual server and cut down on your send time accordingly. Advance Mass Sender allows you to specify any number of connections and automatically manages load distribution evenly. It will disconnect some connections, if necessary, if part of the server is unresponsive or busy.

Standard message format

Advance Mass Sender allows you to create a message in all the popular formats used today. You can create plain text, HTML, or even use Microsoft Outlook Express, to create multimedia content notifications, or to crop and paste a website.

Macro replacement

This feature will help you create custom and personalized messages for your users. Each individual message sent will be created and packaged from the database, so that you can name your user or even create an invoice for the user to specify their balance.


Not all customers are equal, some want certain promotions and newsletters, others want to get something else. How will you manage who gets what? Advance Mass Sender 4.3 comes with a set of filters that allow you to turn specific users on or off in the list just before you make a send. Using this feature, you can temporarily disable some users who have decided not to receive that particular type of mail, and then turn them on again later. This way, you don't need to create a separate list for each mailing, thus avoiding the maintenance nightmare that could have been created.

Remove copies

Sometimes you will receive the same email address several times for a customer. To avoid sending multiple messages to that customer, you need to scan your list regularly to find duplicate emails. Advance Mass Sender automates that feature and allows you to do it with the push of a button. It will even check if all the remaining customer information is different in two places and merge them into a complete record.

Send on schedule

When you need to submit your posts at certain pre-specified times (e.g., daily newsletters). You can use advance mass sender's schedule base. It allows you to set multiple mailing intervals so you can have complete control over how long it happens. Moreover, when the schedule turns off sending, you can manually overwid to continue

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