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Unlimited SMTP - Full DKIM, SPF, Private Domain, Private IP

Guarantee that it can send go to spam Gmail, Yahoo, AOL OR Hotmail, AOL …etc. & inbox to Company’s Emails.

Guaranteed live 24-hours

Delivery (0 - 8 hours)

  • A fresh domain is used to set up SMTP
  • SMTP domains and IP addresses are used only once
  • The SMTP IP is always verified to be new and clear

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With Unlimited SMTP, you can send a large number of emails without specific limitations on the quantity within a defined time frame. Unlimited SMTP allows users to conduct email marketing campaigns or send a substantial volume of emails conveniently and flexibly.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It's the technology that powers email delivery on the internet.

SMTP Meaning in Detail

To delve deeper, let's explore the meaning of SMTP:

S - Simple: SMTP is designed to be straightforward and efficient. It simplifies the process of sending emails by providing a set of rules and conventions that email servers adhere to.

M - Mail: SMTP primarily deals with sending mail, albeit in a digital form. It ensures that your email is correctly packaged and sent to the right destination.

T - Transfer: SMTP enables the smooth transfer of your email from your computer or device to the email server. It is responsible for relaying your message.

P - Protocol: SMTP is a protocol, a set of standardized rules that govern how email communication should take place. These rules ensure that emails can be sent and received consistently across different email servers and client applications.

SMTP in Action

When you press the "Send" button in your email application, SMTP takes charge. It communicates with your email provider's server, which then routes your message to the recipient's email server. Think of SMTP as the postman who ensures your letter gets from your mailbox to the recipient's.

SMTP's Role in Email Delivery

SMTP is pivotal in the email delivery process. It authenticates and authorizes the email sender, ensuring that the message is accepted and routed correctly. It also handles error messages and retries if an email cannot be delivered immediately.

What is DKIM?

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. It's an email authentication method that helps verify the authenticity of an email message by attaching a digital signature to it. This signature allows the recipient's email server to confirm that the message was sent from a legitimate source and hasn't been altered during transit.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It's an email authentication protocol that helps prevent email spoofing and phishing by specifying which IP addresses or servers are authorized to send emails on behalf of a domain. SPF records are published in a domain's DNS settings and help email servers verify the legitimacy of incoming emails by checking if they originate from authorized sources.





Warranties time: 24h since we send the order to you.
Our SMTP is configured on a clear IP, and we always test it before sending it to customers.

Our Unlimited SMTP (IP) is used for batch sending and configuration on CLEAR-IP.

You will receive SMTP with the following information:

For example, Name Server IP: | Name Server Domain: | User ID : [email protected] | Passwd : abc123456# | Port: 587 |SSL: YES

Target Email Address: Company. Personal email address.

Please pay attention:

+ Most of RDP / VPS / Server are closed on port-25 or 587, so you cannot use SMTP ⇒ Consider our RDP: ⇒ open all ports

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